We are online travel platform for destination management tour guides, tour operators, tourism companies to publish their tours and get bookings directly. We select professional tour service providers to handle the ground level service in their countries. They will handle tours and accept the payment.

  • There are guidelines for tour service providers – tour guide, tour operator, tourism company, tourist driver etc.
  • This website promotes your tour service worldwide FREE through our several website and social networks. So, you need to post your trip properly in this platform to get direct booking.
  • You don’t need to pay for posting your tours. But you will update regularly with price when it is needed. It can be your tour program cost 1000 USD + our commission 10 % = 1100 USD in the price list that tourists will see.
  • We want 10 % service charge on your total amount submitted with the trip. You will pay it later when your tour is booked and you provide service to tourists.
  • If you agree to pay 10% from the total, please read the following.

How to Publish Tours

Step- 1
Step -2
Step – 3
  • Register http://localgtour.com/wp-admin > Check your email to activate with your password> Log in > Click on Trips > Click New Trip > Add New Trip Title > Add short description in excerpt box > Keep Allow comments on for reviews > Click on overview and write full description > Save changes > Click on itinerary and write full tour plan clearly > Save changes > Click Price and Dates > Click on add price > Pricing name – as example of low price / budget price / standard price > Min Pax- 1 > Max Pax- 100 > Click on add category > Adult > Price per – person / group > price- total tour price > keep enable sale on > save changes > click on include and exclude > click on gallery > upload maximum 1 photo > save change > at the right bar > select > trip types > select destination > select activity > publish. Everything is done. Remember that you will click on save changes every time you work.
  • Please do not add your personal contact link on photo and in the package.
  • DO NOT add the cost or service of Alcohol, addicted drinks, addicted food, spa, any physical entertainment, movie and dance programs.
  • If you think, it is hard for you to publish your tours, we must help you to solve.